Del Sol String Quartet


Hailed by Gramophone as “masters of all musical things they survey,” the Del Sol String Quartet shares living music with an ever-growing community of adventurous listeners. Fascinated by the feedback loop between social change, technology, and artistic innovation, the San Francisco-based ensemble is a leading force in 21st century chamber music whether introducing Ben Johnston’s microtonal Americana at the Library of Congress, exploring Andean soundscapes with Gabriela Lena Frank and traditional musicians, deconstructing Ruth Crawford’s radical experimental processes with East Bay schoolchildren, or rocking Mason Bates’ techno grooves in his San Francisco dance party. The New York Times praised Del Sol’s most recent recording, Scrapyard Exotica, “See if your foot can stay still once you put on this funky disc of rhythmically infectious… music played by the adventurous Del Sol String Quartet.”


In honor of Rzewski’s 80th Birthday, Del Sol will premiere his Second Quartet on April 19, 2018 as part of Columbia University’s Miller Theatre Composer Portrait Series.  This string quartet is the first Rzewski has written in over sixty years, and follows from Del Sol’s successful premiere of Rzewski’s First String Quartet (1955) at the Library of Congress in 2016.

ANGEL ISLAND ORATORIO – Del Sol & Composer Huang Ruo Team Up to Create New Project

The Del Sol Quartet and Huang Ruo has received a coveted Hewlett Foundation “50 Arts Commissions” to bring to life “Angel Island Oratorio,” new collaboration for quartet and chamber choir centered around themes of immigration and discrimination.  Poetry, inscribed on the walls of the Angel Island barracks between 1910 and 1940 by detained immigrants suffering under the Chinese Exclusion Act, will be the foundation of this project.  The project will premiere fall 2020.

WHOLE SOL FESTIVAL: Del Sol Celebrated 25 Years November 16-18, 2017

Del Sol presented its birthday party festival, celebrating California’s distinct musical legacy of unfettered invention, openness, cultural inclusion, and innovation at the Atrium Theatre at the San Francisco War Memorial Veterans Building.  Guest performers included Terry Riley, Gyan Riley, Gabriela Lena Frank, and Daniel Wohl.  Read reviews  & find out more about each program.


Del Sol’s new album features world premiere recording of Terry Riley’s “Dark Queen Mantra” and Stefano Scodanibbio’s “Mas Lugares,” alongside Riley’s classic “The Wheel & Mythic Birds Waltz.”  Read more about DQM.


Surprisingly, Ben Johnston’s music had never been performed before at the Library of Congress. The first performance of his just-intonation Americana (April 30, 2016) was greeted with whoops and spontaneous applause. And we had the honor of meeting Frederic Rzewski and premiering his youthful String Quartet (April 29, 2016)!  Check out videos of the Johnston and Rzewski from those concerts.

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