Del Sol String Quartet

Whole Sol Festival Ukulele Choir

Here’s the info on the Whole Sol Festival Ukulele Choir.


Rehearsal: Friday Nov 17 @ 7-7:30

Performance: Friday Nov 17 @ 8PM (the piece will be second on the program)




What will I play? 

Your main 5 chords are:

G, e minor, Cmaj7, D9sus4, Dsus4.

You have a little bit of:

a minor, C, Dm7

Here’s a PDF of the music / fingering charts if you want to have a look.


What happens if I can’t play all the chords?

Play the ones you can play!  There are a number of changes, so we’re encouraging you to play the ones you can, drop out, and come back in!


Will I be on stage? 

It’s not technically a stage (stadium seating), but yes we are encouraging you to come forward


Will someone be in charge?

Our fearless uke choir leader will be Maggie Lou Perkes!  Our uke soloist will be the composer of the piece – Gyan Riley.


What should I wear?

Something nice and comfortable to play.  Be yourself.  This should be fun!


Do I get any reward?

You’ll get a Whole Sol Festival uke choir sticker!


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