Del Sol String Quartet


“Seizing the senses from the first downbeat, immediately engrossing and consuming to the inner soundworld, this startling album of contemporary string quartets is an absolute must for the Classical devotee. Dashed with a Latin element, with pieces by Ginastera and Piazzolla, as well as exciting works by notable and respected American composers, John Harbison, Lou Harrison, and Earle Brown, these fervent, explosive, demanding and even noble pieces combine for a powerfully concentrated album of arresting music. Knife-edged technique meets fluid artistry and inexhaustible imagination with matched precision and passion; absolutely one of the finest string quartets on the rise.”
CD Baby

“By putting music that is immediate-and to use that all-too-cited radio buzzword “listener friendly”-next to more intrepid audio territory, the Del Sol String Quartet sell it all, making a strong case for the breadth and depth, and yes, joy, of the music of the here and now!”
– Frank Oteri, New Music Box


Drawing from the contemporary music scene of the Americas, Tear features the Del Sol String Quartet in 12 pieces that weave textures of sound into a musical tapestry of modern life.

Release Date: 2003 



© Del Sol Performing Arts Organization • Photos by RJ Muna