Del Sol String Quartet

Mason Music

Mason Music is a curated musical experience that explores ideas about social change, technology, and musical innovation, in the intimacy of a Fort Mason art studio or gallery.

Each concert will be similar to attending a (musical) craft fair: an eclectic, diverse selection with a lot of personality. Come sample handcrafted, curated music that include a variety of musical artisans.

New in 2017: We’re teaming up with Embark Gallery to focus on new works of both music and art by current or recent graduate students.  Stay tuned for more details!


November 2016: “How Did You Make That?”

featuring “Amid the Shadows” by recent Berkeley graduate composer Eric Delgado.

May 2016: “Earth Cry”

March 2016: “Glass Shatters”

world premiere of  “Glass Shatters The Same Way Twice” by Mark Ackerley 

November 2015: “The Folk Tradition”

© Del Sol Performing Arts Organization • Photos by RJ Muna