Del Sol String Quartet

Ulysses, Home

Program Description: 

War has many unseen tolls on the countries and people it involves. “Ulysses, Home” is a musical journey that explores the painful subtleties of combat and its far-reaching toll.  The evening begins with excitement and fury [Elena Kats-Chernin “Fast Blue Village”] which turns into a prayerful “calm before the first storm” [Linda Catlin Smith’s “Gondola.”]  Ge-Gan Ru’s explosive and graphic “Fall of Baghdad” sets the stage for the culmination of the evening: Anthony Brandt’s chamber opera “Ulysses, Home.”  Through the voices of two singers and string quartet, the audience listens to the heart-wrenching story of a returning soldier’s struggles with PTSD and his family who feels powerless to help.


Elena Kats-Chernin “Fast Blue Village
Linda Catlin Smith “Gondola”
Ge Gan-Ru “Fall of Baghdad”

Anthony Brandt “Ulysses, Home” [chamber opera]

Ulysses 3


Anthony Brandt, Composer +

Neena Beber, Playwright +

Ulysses 2


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