Del Sol String Quartet

Earth Cry

Australia’s greatest composer, Peter Sculthorpe created an enduring testament of environmental and social engagement through his string quartets. Didjeridu virtuoso Stephen Kent and Del Sol worked closely with Sculthorpe to prepare critically acclaimed recordings of these works.

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Peter Sculthorpe: The Complete String Quartets with Didjeridu

Quartet no. 12 “From Ubbir”

Quartet no. 14 “Quamby”

Quartet no. 16

Quartet No. 18


Sculthorpe selected String Quartets with Didjeridu

with additional works by:

Huang Ruo “Calligraffiti”

Robert Honstein “Arctic”

Gabriela Lena Frank “Milagros”

Ben Johnston Quartet no. 4 “Amazing Grace” 

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