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Melody of China


melodyofchinaMelody of China, a non-profit organization, is the premiere Chinese music ensemble based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The organization was formed in 1993 by a group of enthusiastic professional musicians from some of the most prestigious music conservatories in China. The ensemble has a two-fold mission: to promote Chinese classical, folk and contemporary music, and to provide quality entertainment through the synergy between an ancient cultural tradition and youthful, multi-colored American culture. Toward such an end, Melody of China has been busy with regular concert performances as well as presenting a variety of educational programs for local schools and community events.

Multi-instrumentalist Hong Wang and yangqin (Chinese hammered dulcimer) virtuoso Yangqin Zhao co-lead the ensemble. Members of MOC include: Wanpen Guo on sheng (mouth organ), Linhong Li on pipa (Chinese lute); Haiyue Zhang on ruan (moon guitar) and liuqin(Chinese mandolin) Gangqin Zhao on guzheng (table harp), Xian Lu on dizi (Chinese bamboo flutes) and other wind instruments, Wei Wang on percussion and Zhang Yu on suona (double reeds). In addition, the ensemble’s programs often include guest appearances by many professional musicians visiting or residing in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The programs offered by Melody of China are multi-faceted. They range from full-length concert performances requiring more than a dozen musicians to short musical duets and trios. In addition, music lovers in the Bay Area have enjoyed Melody of China’s regular concerts, music workshops and classes on traditional Chinese music and musical instruments. The instruments presented in these concerts and workshops include erhu (Chinese fiddle) and its derivatives, yangqin (hammered dulcimer), dizi (bamboo flutes), bawu (silver-copper reed flute), xun (Chinese ocarina), piparuanliuqin (Chinese lutes), guzheng (table harp), and a variety of percussion instruments.

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