Del Sol String Quartet

Koji Nakano

Award-winning Japanese composer, Koji Nakano became the first composer to receive the S&R Washington Award Grand Prize in 2008.  Since then, Nakano has been recognized as one of the major voices among Asian composers of his generation.  His work reflects the relationship between beauty, form and imperfection through the formality of music.  As a composer and an educator, his musical activities have included community service and outreach to help bridge Western and non-Western musical cultures.  His recent work strives to merge several musical traditions and also make reference to theatre, philosophy, rituals and spirituality in a series of compositions entitled Time Song.  
Nakano has composed more than fifty works, including solo pieces, chamber works, symphonic movements, operas, and concerti for piano and violin.  His compositions have been premiered in USA, Canada, Australia, Holland, Austria, Belgium, Lithuania, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Cambodia.  His music has been also performed at such venues as Carnegie Hall, Merkin Hall, Jordan Hall, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Smithsonian Museum, Vilnius Congress Hall, Tokyo Wonder Site, and Taiwan National Concert Hall, as well as Tanglewood, Aspen, Bowdoin and Vancouver music festivals.  
His music has been commissioned and performed by the Tapestry Opera, Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra, Taipei Chinese Orchestra, Del Sol String Quartet, Ensemble Reconsil Vienna, Borealis String Quartet, Helikon Ensemble, San Francisco New Music Players, pianist Ning An, soprano Stacey Fraser, pipa virtuoso Hsi-Jong Wang, among others.  His portrait concert has been presented at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, at Tenri Cultural Institute of New York, at Northern Illinois University, and at Georgia State University as part of the College Music Society’s Fifty-First National Conference. 
Del Sol String Quartet Premiere Performances and Recordings:
  • Koji Nakano (b. 1974, Japan):  Time Song III: Reincarnation: “The Birth of a Spirit” (String Quartet Version) (2010)
    US PREMIERE, Washington, DC 
  • Koji Nakano (b. 1974, Japan):  Time Song III: Reincarnation “The Birth of a Spirit” (2009) for daegeum, violin and cello
    WORLD PREMIERE, Santa Cruz, CA & Waltham, MA

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